Offering users increased independence and autonomy, mobility scooters have become a vital eQuingolement in the quest for a dignified and unrestricted lifestyle. With this in mind, the variety of vehicles on offer is seemingly endless, but Quingo has sought to set itself apart from competitors by addressing key concerns experienced by scooter users. This has resulted in the production of innovative designs that are dissimilar to everything else in the marketplace.

Addressing common complaints highlighted by mobility-impaired consumers, the 5-wheel scooters are the product of a considered and focused design evolution. Traditional 3-wheel vehicles and subsequent 4-wheel models have been unquestioningly superseded by a new age of mobility devices, a range of aesthetically pleasing and fit for purpose five-wheel Quingo scooters.

Keen to retain and build upon the successful elements of previous mobility solution incarnations, Quingo scooters have been designed with 3 key points in mind; stability, comfort and manoeuvrability. By incorporating all of these requirements into one scooter, the company has demonstrated a deep-seated commitment to the comfort of users and a desire to facilitate their everyday lives. Though traditional 3-wheel scooters offer impressive agility, they consistently prove to be unsteady, especially when attempting to navigate high kerbs and turning on slopes, resulting in a lack of user confidence. 4-wheel models were introduced to the mobility sector to offer increased stability, but did so at the detriment of manoeuvrability and comfort due to reduced legroom. The expert team at Quingo recognised that customers should not be expected to negate one element in favour of another and produced an impressively diverse range of mobility scooters that offer stability, agility and comfort in equal measures.

Keen to promote ease of scooter use, exclusive technological breakthroughs have been developed, such as Smartbumpers, which have been created in response to user needs. Client focus is at the centre of any development, allowing for total customer trust and peace of mind when operating a scooter. Not only adding to the sleek, modern designs of the scooter range, Smartbumpers have been developed to withstand impacts, protect bodywork and absorb shock. In addition to these impressive functions, Smartbumpers also act as an additional braking system, slowing the scooter after an impact to allow the user to quickly regain control and continue on their journey unharmed.

Aesthetically pleasing, robust and suitable for a variety of terrains, the Quingo range of 5-wheel scooters provides exemplar mobility solutions for everyone.


Quingo enables users to access the latest in mobility scooter evolution

When the time comes to choose a mobility scooter, the choice can sometimes be daunting. There are various types on the market and there are plenty of manufacturers out there – all vying for the attention of consumers. To a large extent, the decision is determined by the specific needs and preferences of the individual user: what constitutes the ‘right’ scooter for one person may not necessarily be appropriate for another. Anyone doing research into the mobility vehicle market ought to pay close attention to the range of products on offer from Quingo.

quingoThe interesting thing about this particular manufacturer is its range of 5-wheel products. For those who are unfamiliar with scooter design, this ‘extra wheel’ may seem unnecessary. The reality however, is that the 5-wheel design marks a significant step forward in scooter design. It brings significant benefits to the user in the form of comfort, stability and manoeuvrability. To appreciate this fully, it is worth taking a look at how mobility scooter design has evolved over the years.

In the beginning, the only scooter options available to users were 3-wheelers. One of the greatest benefits of this design is its manoeuvrability in restricted spaces. Also, the simple design means that this type of scooter is relatively compact. The downside though, is that with just a single wheel at the front, this type of scooter can easily become unstable on uneven ground. This is a particular issue when the scooter is in inexperienced hands.

The next major step was the development of the 4-wheel mobility scooter. Two wheels at the front and two at the back had the benefit of offering a much greater degree of stability and reassurance when on the move. The design of these scooters however, created a couple of new problems. Firstly, the vehicle layout did no favours for the user in terms of posture as many users found it difficult to deal with the limited legroom. Secondly, the increased length and new steering geometry offered a relatively poor turning circle when compared to an equivalent length 3 wheeler.

The latest advanced, 5-wheel scooters from Quingo successfully address both areas of difficulty encountered on traditional scooter designs. Quingo scooters bring users the agility of 3-wheelers and even go so far as to improve upon the levels of stability offered by 4-wheelers. What’s more, multiple adjustment options mean users can get the optimum driving position – regardless of the shape or size of the user.

Quingo | The Right Mobility Scooter

Quingo puts safety first when it comes to providing its customers with high-quality scooters. That is why it had 3 independent testing houses test its scooters to ensure stability and comfort for its users. Davis Associates is a leading human factors consultancy in the UK, and tested the scooters on posture and comfort. Frazer-Nash Systems & Engineering Consultancy performed an independent stabiliQuingoty analysis, and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency also tested these scooters.

The mobility scooters that Quingo provides to its customers have several unique features that make them suitable for users of all types. The most distinguishing feature is that they possess 5 wheels. This advanced 5 wheel setup has all of the best qualities of the top 3- and 4- wheeled scooters on the market, without the downside. For example, 3-wheeled scooters have an advantage in terms of manoeuvrability, as they tend to be shorter and able to navigate restricted spaces more easily. However, they also have the potential to become unstable, which can be dangerous for users on uneven terrain. Inexperienced users might also find them difficult to use safely. The 4-wheeled scooter was a natural development to increase stability. The downside to this improvement is that 4-wheeled scooters have restricted leg and foot space, restricting a users overall posture and the added length of these vehicles significantly decreases manoeuvrability.

By rethinking the layout and incorporating a fifth wheel, Quingo provides a scooter that solves these problems, combining agility and stability with good posture and comfort. Users can experience this difference for themselves by having a home test drive. First, a free safety assessment is conducted, then the user can try a 5-wheeled model with no obligation and no fees or costs. Users can experience 5 wheels and how easy they are to use with simple and intuitive controls under the guidance of a representative that trains users for a s long as is needed for the user to feel comfortable operating the scooter.

If the customer likes the scooter, then Quingo working with Age UK can do the rest: they offer a personal delivery and set up service with every new scooter, and on-going support to service the scooter as needed. They also offer Easy Payment Plans so users can get their new scooter in a way that is affordable for them. To arrange a free consultation, customers can call 0800 0857 555 to speak with a representative right away.

Quingo | A Mobility Scooter For All Needs

Users of mobility aids are as diverse as their reasons for needing a scooter and as such, the Quingo range of 5-wheeled scooters have a clear focus on the provision of ergonomically sound comfort and posture control.  With inclusivity in mind, 5 variations of the 5-wheeled scooters are currently offered, ranging from compact and easily transported models, through to larger scale, deluxe versions which can travel up to 88km on a single charge.

quingoWith an already impressive portfolio of mobility vehicles, Quingo have revealed that they are looking to release a new model in the early part of 2014. The launch of the patented ‘Quingo Flyte and Docking Station’ looks set to raise the bar for the mobility industry again with another unique vehicle concept. Where traditional scooters have previously been difficult to lift into smaller cars, the All New Quingo Flyte is a fully portable device that requires no lifting, no hoist and promises to offer for the first time, big scooter performance in a truly portable scooter. More information about the new release is expected soon.

With such a large range of mobility scooters available, it makes perfect sense to test-drive various models on local roads and pavements, something any reputable mobility vehicle supplier will insist upon prior to purchase. It is advisable to conduct a portion of these test drives specifically in the areas you visit most regularly to ensure that your chosen model is suitable to transport you along your most frequently travelled routes. It is worth noting that prior to any Quingo test-drive, you will be required to undergo a safety assessment to verify that you have all necessary capabilities to use the scooters safely. This is yet another demonstration of the importance Quingo place on your safety, comfort and well-being.

With such an impressive range of models and a demonstrable commitment to customer safety and satisfaction, it will come as no surprise that Quingo subjects its products to in-depth, independent testing with a focus on comfort, agility and stability, as well as offering a 3 year manufacturers warranty on all models, excluding the entry level Quingo Compact. With a team of highly trained sales and aftercare professionals ready to deliver your vehicle and perform individual set-ups, Quingo are pleased to provide timely assistance, should you experience any difficulties.