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Quingo | A Mobility Scooter For All Needs

Users of mobility aids are as diverse as their reasons for needing a scooter and as such, the Quingo range of 5-wheeled scooters have a clear focus on the provision of ergonomically sound comfort and posture control.  With inclusivity in mind, 5 variations of the 5-wheeled scooters are currently offered, ranging from compact and easily transported models, through to larger scale, deluxe versions which can travel up to 88km on a single charge.

quingoWith an already impressive portfolio of mobility vehicles, Quingo have revealed that they are looking to release a new model in the early part of 2014. The launch of the patented ‘Quingo Flyte and Docking Station’ looks set to raise the bar for the mobility industry again with another unique vehicle concept. Where traditional scooters have previously been difficult to lift into smaller cars, the All New Quingo Flyte is a fully portable device that requires no lifting, no hoist and promises to offer for the first time, big scooter performance in a truly portable scooter. More information about the new release is expected soon.

With such a large range of mobility scooters available, it makes perfect sense to test-drive various models on local roads and pavements, something any reputable mobility vehicle supplier will insist upon prior to purchase. It is advisable to conduct a portion of these test drives specifically in the areas you visit most regularly to ensure that your chosen model is suitable to transport you along your most frequently travelled routes. It is worth noting that prior to any Quingo test-drive, you will be required to undergo a safety assessment to verify that you have all necessary capabilities to use the scooters safely. This is yet another demonstration of the importance Quingo place on your safety, comfort and well-being.

With such an impressive range of models and a demonstrable commitment to customer safety and satisfaction, it will come as no surprise that Quingo subjects its products to in-depth, independent testing with a focus on comfort, agility and stability, as well as offering a 3 year manufacturers warranty on all models, excluding the entry level Quingo Compact. With a team of highly trained sales and aftercare professionals ready to deliver your vehicle and perform individual set-ups, Quingo are pleased to provide timely assistance, should you experience any difficulties.